The Beaconhouse Office of Placement and Career Services offers students a range of work related opportunities and trainings including:

Career Decision Making

A counselor at the Placement office can help you choose a career, whether you have no idea about what you want to do or are leaning toward a particular occupation. He or she will suggest some possible options or help you figure out if the career you have in mind is suitable for you. The career counselor also will help you decide what academic major will help you meet your goals.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Placement office helps you write your resumes and cover letters. It conducts workshops and provide one-on-one sessions during which the counselor critique resumes and cover letters.

Job Interview Prep

Placement office arranges workshops to help you learn how to present yourself well in a job interview, from what to wear, to what questions to expect. It also provide mock interviewing sessions where you can practice your skills. Mock interviews can go a very long way to making you feel prepared for real interviews, and will at least help you feel a bit less nervous.


Placement office also host job fairs during which employers visit the campus to recruit students who are about to graduate.

The office also maintains student files containing letters of recommendation from faculty, which they can then forward to potential employers and graduate schools upon the student's request.

Students can access Beaconhouse career management system to look at employment and internship listings.


Placement office also help you find networking events, where you can connect with professionals in your potential career. Our Alumni, especially, want to help students connect with opportunities and are willing to provide advice and possible connections to those making the hiring decisions at their companies. Beaconhouse has more than 90,000 Alumni who feel pride in helping their juniors.


Placement office works hand-in-hand with companies seeking college interns and internship advisers and update students about the potential internship opportunities.