Programme overview

Higher National Diploma in Business

BTEC HND is the world’s most successful and best-loved applied learning brand, engaging students in practical, interpersonal and thinking skills for more than thirty years.

HND Business are work-related qualifications developed essentially to equip students with business skills, knowledge and the understanding necessary to achieve high performance in the global business environment. The qualification provide education and training for a range of careers in business, including management, administration, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance. The focus is to provide students the insight and understanding into international business operations and the opportunities and challenges presented by a globalised market place.

HND Business provide opportunities for students to enter or progress in employment in business, or progress to higher education qualifications such as an Honours degree in business or a related area. The objective of development of the BTEC Higher Nationals in Business is to ensure:

  • Employer engagement
  • Work relatedness
  • Opportunities for progression to further higher education
  • Alignment with UK higher education expectations
  • Qualifications which are up to date with current professional practice and include professional accreditation where possible.

Key Features:
Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications in Business offer:

  • A stimulating and challenging programme of study that is both engaging and memorable for students.
  • Essential subject knowledge that students need to progress successfully into further study or the world of work.
  • A simplified structure to allow students to undertake a substantial core of learning at level 4 and to build on this at level 5, with optional units linked to their specialist area of study;
  • Learning outcomes mapped to professional body standards where appropriate
  • Content that is closely aligned with Professional Body, employer and higher education needs.
  • An assessment strategy with a focus on the holistic development of practical, interpersonal and higher level thinking skills where students are required to apply their knowledge to a variety of assignments and activities,. Assessment reflects not only what the student knows, but also what they can do.
  •  Quality assurance measures to ensure that all stakeholders (e.g. professional bodies, universities, businesses, colleges and students) can feel confident in the integrity and value of the qualifications.

Programme structure :
The programme structures specify:
The total credit value of the qualification = 240 Credits
The minimum credit to be achieved at the level of the qualification:

  • Level 4 120 (90 core mandatory, 30 optional)
  • Level 5 = 120 (45 core mandatory 75 optional/specialist)
  • The specialist units (3 units for Business Management)

Programme Outline:

Students will study following units/courses in 4 semesters.

Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business (Management) Unit credit Level
Level 4 Units:
Core unit Mandatory 1 Business and the Business Environment Mandatory 15 4
Core unit Mandatory 2 Marketing Essentials 15 4
Core unit Mandatory 3 Human Resource Management 15 4
Core unit Mandatory 4 Management and Operations 15 4
Core unit Mandatory 5 Management Accounting 15 4
Core unit Mandatory 6 Managing a Successful Business Project (Pearson-set) 15 4
Optional unit 7 Business Law 15 4
Optional unit 9 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 15 4
Level 5 Units:
Core unit Mandatory 11 Research Project (Pearson-set) 30 5
Core unit Mandatory 12 Organisational Behaviour 30 5
Core unit Mandatory 17 Understanding and Leading Change 30 5
Core unit Mandatory 18 Global Business Environment 30 5
Optional unit 36 Human Resources – Value & Contribution to Organisational Success 30 5
Optional unit 42 Planning for Growth 30 5

Professional Body exemptions:
Students of Higher National qualifications in Business can apply for exemptions from following professional bodies:

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)


Top up your HND to Honours Degree

Students have the option to top up their HND to BBA (Hons) by applying to over 150 universities worldwide OR They can simply join the Top-up year at Beaconhouse International College to get a foreign university Honors degree (Equivalent to 16 years of Qualification)

Start up your own business

HND in Business Management will put you on the right path to establishing and running a successful business. Studying in-depth about the different aspects of the business field it equips you with commercial acumen, understanding and business skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur

Link with the appropriate Professional Body

HND Enable progression to further professional qualifications in specific business areas by mapping to units in a range of professional business qualifications including ACCA, CIMA, CIPS etc. for more details please click here Appendix -1 to be attached here from specifications

Entering Employment

BTEC Higher National qualifications in Business are designed to reflect the increasing need for high quality professional. These help develop the skills, techniques and personal attributes essential for successful working lives by offering a balance between employability skills and the knowledge essential for students with entrepreneurial, employment or academic aspirations.