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Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) has a rich cultural heritage and traces its origins back to 1823.

It is now proud to be a new civic university offering degrees that are driven by internationally acclaimed research and based on practical learning. The university is ranked among the world's top 150 universities by The Young University Rankings 2019.

Its multi-disciplinary staff are actively involved in a wide range of innovative applications of computer science. Research and teaching includes computer science but also extends to more surprising topics, including computational art, virtual reality, computer music, digital sociology and education technology.

BA (Hons) Sociology - An Overview

BA (Hons) Sociology at LJMU is a varied degree, which offers a unique opportunity to undertake a contemporary, critical and sector-leading programme of study. The degree will develop your research skills and help you explore alternate ideas and respect points of view that may be contrary to your own, including providing core training in sociological methods and theory.

With BA (Hons) Sociology you study unique pathways that reflect the diversity of the discipline and student interest, including the sociology of culture (identity, religion, music and photography), social inequalities (class, gender and sexuality, disability, health), social policy (sociology in action and green issues) and global issues (social scales, mobilities, development, societal differences and pathways). BA (Hons) Sociology courses are taught by a faculty well-versed in sociological concepts including leading scholars who have published books and articles.

Programme Structure, Courses and Specification

You study 18 courses over a period of three years to earn the BA (Hons) Sociology degree.

Programme Structure and Courses

You study 18 courses over a period of three years to earn the BA (Hons) Sociology degree.

Level - 4

Six mandatory modules (20 credit each):

  • Identities and Studying Sociology
  • Sociological Imagination
  • Contemporary Social and Green Issues
  • Researching the Everyday
  • Culture and Sociology
  • Global Issues and Society

Level - 5

Six mandatory modules (20 credit each):

  • Researching the British Society
  • Knowing the Modern World
  • Research in Action
  • Culture and Critical Theory
  • Globalization, Culture and Society
  • Society and Environment in Conflict

Level - 6

Six Optional modules (20 credit each)

  • Sociology Work Placement 1
  • Sociology Work Placement II
  • International Fieldwork in Sociology
  • Radical Planet; Protest, Resistance and Alternatives to Urban Capitalism
  • Disability Studies
  • Body Politics; Gender, Sexuality and Society

Final Year Students also undertake a Year-long dissertation course

20-Credit Course

  • Learning focuses on;
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Case Studies & Articles
  • International Field Work
  • Action Research


Each Module of BA (Hons) Sociology programme is assessed using a mix of coursework and examination. As a general principle, approximately 75% of the assessments will be via coursework submission, and 25% by examination. However, this percentage may vary for different modules.
The coursework is usually due at the end of the semester. Coursework may consist of essay, report and/or presentations.
Where a written exam is part of the assessment method of a module, the written examinations will take place at the end of semester.

To be eligible for the degree, you must:

  • Age 17+ by 30 November in the year of registration.
  • A Levels with 104 UCAS points from a minimum of 2 A Levels, preferably including a Humanities and Social Science subject. Maximum of 20 AS points accepted
    HSSC Intermediate / Higher Secondary Certificate: requires a 75% overall award mark
    BTEC National Diploma DMM in a relevant subject area is required if no other level 3 qualifications are Taken.
  • Provide proof of competence in English by having UK GCSE/GCE ‘O’ level at grade C. Otherwise a test of proficiency may be required.
  • Each application will be considered on an individual basis, and the decision will be taken at the discretion of the Liverpool John Moores University.

BA (Hons) Sociology degree from Liverpool John Moores University gains you a level 6 qualification. This means the learner can progress to various academic programmes including;

  • Master’s Degrees in Sociology (e.g., MPhil, MRes, MA)
  • Postgraduate Diplomas
Learners can also follow onto Professional Certification, such as;
Certification in Human Rights and Diversity
Certificate in Applied Social Science Research

*The list is not exhaustive and only for illustration purpose

Liverpool John Moores graduates find career opportunities in:

  • social services
  • local and national Government and the civil service
  • youth work
  • lecturing and teaching
  • career guidance
  • research
  • journalism
  • third sector advocacy
  • think tanks
  • policy development

Some go on to careers in police and probation services; human resource management; legal services; marketing and advertising; ICT development; business and finance; publishing; health services; health promotion and public health; ecology and environmental campaigning; and international development.
See below for some profiles of graduates who have gone on to find career success after graduating from Liverpool John Moores University.

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