About Us

Beaconhouse Group

The Beaconhouse group has almost 315,000 fulltime students in eight countries and is possibly the largest school network of its kind in the world. Established in November 1975 as the Les Anges Montessori Academy with 19 toddlers, Beaconhouse has since grown into an international network of private schools, imparting distinctive and meaningful learning to students all the way from birth – through its partnership in Pakistan with Gymboree Play & Music – to post-graduation, through Concordia Colleges and the Beaconhouse National University.

Of these students, close to 111,200 study at the group’s flagship network, the Beaconhouse School System, in Pakistan as well as overseas, while the remaining are largely enrolled at The Educators, a parallel school network operated by the group.

The Beaconhouse of today is thus much more than just a stand-alone school. Through distinct and independent divisions across multiple destinations including the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Oman, the UAE, Pakistan and Belgium, it caters to the education and training needs of a large and diverse group of individuals of varying ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities, with its activities also extending beyond education in some countries.

Mission Statement

Beaconhouse International College strives to provide students with access to the world’s best international qualifications in an environment conducive to developing the skills and attributes necessary to actualise their aspirations and to become responsible global citizens.

Vision Statement

We envision being a trusted Transnational Education Provider by equipping our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of work and to prepare them for the challenges of the modern world. We aim to be a model of excellence in education, with a focus on providing a learning experience that is both industry-ready and future-ready. Through our programmes, we aim to create lifelong learners who are agile, responsive, and ready to embrace the challenges of the future. We strive to foster a culture of intellectual curiosity, inquiry, and debate where students are encouraged to question assumptions and approaches and to think critically. We promote a diverse & inclusive workplace where every individual is valued and respected. We strive to create an environment that fosters equality, dignity, and mutual respect towards each other. Our objective is to establish an environment where diligence and integrity are not only acknowledged but also celebrated, serving as the cornerstone for future achievements.

BIC Goals

  • Ethical Values:

We uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and responsibility in every engagement and deed. We advocate for treating individuals with equity, compassion, and warmth, basing our working relationships on shared trust. Our ambition is to cultivate a world where everyone receives equal treatment, undeterred by race, gender, faith, nationality, or socioeconomic lineage.

  • Civic Engagement:

We champion civic engagement activities. We engage in responsible citizenship by exercising our rights and responsibilities. We advocate for human rights and contribute to the well-being of our communities through volunteerism, philanthropy, and social initiatives.

  • Environmental Stewardship:

We acknowledge our responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations. We strive to adopt sustainable behaviours.

  • Lifelong Learning:

We are committed to the ethos of lifelong learning, perpetually pursuing knowledge and broadening our perspectives. We value introspection and appraisal as catalysts for personal growth, essential in making well-informed decisions. We champion curiosity, critical analysis, innovation, and diligence. To attain our organizational objectives, we have further segmented our goals.

An Overview of Beaconhouse International College (BIC Pakistan)

Beaconhouse International College is an initiative of Beaconhouse Group Pakistan, which is currently one of the largest education providers of the World with over 300,000 students studying in eight countries.

We are proud of the diversity of our learners and their interests, and we want to nurture these future engineers, medical professionals, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and social workers by offering a diverse range of undergraduate programs that can help them meet their aspirations. This will be done through extensive course offerings in collaboration with some of the world’s best universities. Each campus will be fully resourced for its intended purpose, and exhaustive career counseling will ensure that students get the best guidance possible during their journey. The launch of Beaconhouse International College is another step towards diversifying the qualifications portfolio available to our learners.

Transnational Higher Education has established a strong reputation in Pakistan over the last decade, and has emerged as a preferred qualification pathway for students in the country. It allows students to get a foreign qualification without having to incur the considerable cost of travelling aboard. These programs are tremendously versatile, offering students the option of completing their entire education in Pakistan, or of going overseas to complete their final year of education.

In recent times, technology has broken down geographical boundaries, allowing ideas and knowledge to be shared around the world in a way that would have been inconceivable in the past. These changes can also be seen in academia, where we are becoming part of an academic world larger than our own institutions. Beaconhouse International College is based on the same ideology of providing borderless education to Pakistani students, thus integrating international perspectives into our institution and providing our students a global network for learning, discovery and engagement.

Message from BIC Pakistan’s Leadership

Chief Executive - Mr. Nassir Mahmud Kasuri

Beaconhouse International College (BIC) is part of the Beaconhouse Group, which has been serving the education needs of Pakistan for almost fifty years and today has over 315,000 students in eight countries. All education programs in Beaconhouse benefit from a continuous cycle of curriculum R&D, Teacher Training, and robust quality assurance and monitoring. This process ensures that education stays relevant and consistent, and results in the best possible learning outcomes. BIC extends these values to higher education and, in doing so, elevates the standard of professional training in Pakistan. By partnering with some of the UK’s leading institutions, we have synthesized their knowledge with our almost 50 years of local experience to deliver international programs uniquely suited to Pakistani students. This synthesis of experience will provide learners with the tools they need to be exceptional members of the 21st century's global community. In addition to our core education programs, BIC has a strong focus on ensuring that our students are ready with the skills and attributes required to be successful in their careers. Our Employment, Placement, and Career Advisory Department (EPCAD) provides students with a range of courses, internships, and mentorship opportunities that ensure students get real world experience. This program is developed in collaboration with top industry leaders so that students can get employed immediately after graduation. I am glad that you have considered BIC for your higher education needs and invite you to go through our prospectus to get more information about the amazing opportunities available here.

International Partnerships Unit

Beaconhouse group has always been a globally-focused or, having associations with some of the world’s leading academic institutions. These associations have allowed us to be at the forefront of education research, and to ensure that our students get the benefit of the most current teaching methodologies the world has to offer.

This benefit extends beyond our student body to our teachers. The Beaconhouse Teacher training program is known to be the most comprehensive and well developed training program in the country, and has evolved over the years to encompass the needs of the 21st century economy.

Our International Partnerships Unit has now been established to further diversify these relationships, and to extend them into the undergraduate sphere. This unit is tasked with providing students more diversified opportunities at the senior school level, as well as collaborating with top academic institutions in order to fulfil global demand for quality international higher education.

Our current goal is to develop innovative transnational education (TNE) partnerships with prestigious higher education institutes around the globe. Our TNE partnerships are not limited to Learning & teaching: all areas of the college can become involved in adding to the diversity of collaborative engagement; there are no limits to what can be achieved.

If You are an international institution that is interested in forming a new partnership with Beaconhouse International College, or would like to visit BIC Pakistan to discuss potential collaborative endeavors;

Please send a message at IPU@beaconhouse.net or call us at +92 51 111 232 266 Ext - 214